Monday, December 3, 2012

tennis elbow treatment exercises

Exercise for Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis Elbow exercises certainly help in healing the injury caused to the tendon but there are few points that should be taken into consideration before starting an exercise program:

  • Get checked by a professional to ensure that your tendons are ready for the exercises, else you might land up aggravating the condition even more.
  • Find  the correct level of exercise, work outthat are too strong will only worsen the problem of your elbow 
  • Your main aim should be to stimulate the process of healing and repair of damaged tendons, in no case you should choose any stretch or exercise that will cause the tendons to break down.
  • Identifying the correct degree of strength for your level of tennis elbow pain should be your priority before starting any tennis elbow treatment exercise.

Goals of Rehabilitation of Lateral Epicondylitis with tennis elbow treatment exercises

  1. Decrease the inflammaion and pain in the issues.
  2. Stimulate healing of tissues
  3. Increase flexibility and functionality of the elbow
  4. Strengthening the issues
  5. Finally bringing the elbow back to normal condition

Here are some very helpful videos of tennis elbow treatment exercises

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Epicondylitis Definition 

Epicondylitis- Tennis Elbow Treatments
The term itis in medical refers to inflammation thus epicondylitis is said to be the inflammation of the epicondyle. Epicondyle is the rounded articulate area of the bone ( the knuckle at the end of the bone). Epicondyle is the part of bone where the tendons and ligaments are attached to the bone.

 Types of epicondylitis

There are two common types of epicondylitis

1. Lateral Epicondylitis - Commonly known as Tennis Elbow
2. Medial Epicondylitis - Commonly Know as Golfer's Elblow

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Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis elbow is the injury in the lateral (outer) side of the elbow whereas Golfer's Elbow is the injury in the inner side of the elbow.